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9C50.40 - UV Lamp

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​9C50.40 - UV Lamp

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    Title9C50.40 - UV Lamp

    To provide a UV lamp and protective glasses to the instructor.​

    Assembly Instructions

    Provide protective glasses to the instructor along with the UV lamp​

    Setup Time5
    Operation Time5
    Preview Time5
    Operation Instructions

    **Be sure to wear protective glasses when operating the UV lamp.**

    Demo on DimeNo
    PIRA 200No
    Export Instructions (if different)
    HazardsNone, Light Hazard - Ultra Violet
    Category9 Equipment
    Subcategory9C - Electrical
    Keywordslight, UV, lamp, bright, dangerous, UVA, UVB, UVC, wavelength
    Construction Information
    UV lamp and fixture - shortwave
    UV flash light