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9B30.10 - Balls

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​9B30.10 - Balls

Title9B30.10 - Balls

To provide a ball to the instructor.  **Please specify which ball you would like to use**​

Assembly Instructions

Make sure the instructor specifies which balls they would like to use

Setup Time5
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

**Please specify which ball you would like to use**​

Available Options:

1) Ball Bearings (different sizes)
2) Baseball
3) Basket Ball 
4) Blue Ball, Large
5) Football
6) Golf Ball (white, yellow, pink)
7) Hockey Ball
8) Hockey Puck
9) Marble (small or large)
10) Ping Pong Ball (white or yellow)
11) Pool Ball
12) Racquet Ball
13) Rubberband Ball
14) Soccer Ball (regulation and nerf)
15) Styrofoam Ball
16) Superball (bouncy ball)
17) Tennis Ball
18) Wiffle Ball
19) Wooden Ball
20) Yellow Nerf Ball

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
Category9 Equipment
Subcategory9B - Mechanical
Keywordsball, basket, base, racquet, tennis, ping pong, golf, styrofoam, wood, soccer, football, puck, hockey, miscellaneous
Construction Information
ball bearings
basket ball
golf ball
hockey puck
ball - blue large
ping pong ball
hockey ball
pool ball
racquet ball
rubber band ball
soccer ball
styrofoam ball
tennis ball
super bouncy ball
wiffle ball
wooden ball
nerf ball