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9B25.50 - Mass

Title9B25.50 - Mass

To provide a mass of some value to the instructor.​

Assembly Instructions
Setup Time2
Operation Time2
Preview Time2
Operation Instructions

**Please specify which mass you would like to use.**

1) 1 kg
2) 500 g
3) 300 g
4) 250 g
5) 1 lb
6) 2 lb
7) 5 lb
8) 10 lb
9) Hanging mass set​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
Category9 Equipment
Subcategory9B - Mechanical
Keywordsmass, hanging, weight, lb, kg, pounds, kilograms
Construction Information
mass 1-lb hooked
mass 2-lb hooked
mass 5-lb hooked
mass 10-lb hooked
mass 1-kg hooked
mass 500-g hooked
mass 300-g hooked
mass 250-g hooked
mass - hanging mass set (10g - 1kg)