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8D20.95 - Acoustic Telescope - Snooper Scope

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8D20.95 - Acoustic Telescope - Snooper Scope

Title8D20.95 - Acoustic Telescope - Snooper Scope

​To demonstrate how a telescope that receives sound waves instead of light waves works.

Assembly Instructions

For classroom purposes, connect the audio jack from the PA system into the Snooper Scope unit.  This will port the sound over the speakers so the whole class can hear the signal.  Check the batteries are still good.  Press the button and aim it at something making noise to see that the volume is set to a good level.  Show the professor that the mic input can be removed from the assembly if they desire.  Be sure that the collector dish is connected to the unit as well.​

Setup Time5
Operation Time10
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

Either put on headphones or be sure the unit is connected to the PA system in the classroom.  Press the green button to turn on the system and point it at whatever is making noise.  Be sure that the collector dish is connected.​  The mic assembly can be removed and placed against a door if so desired.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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Category8 Astronomy
Subcategory8D - Miscellaneous
Keywordstelescope, acoustic, sound
Construction Information
Snooper Scope (Acoustic Telescope)