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8C10.20 - Cosmic Microwave Background Globe

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​8C10.20 - Cosmic Microwave Background Globe

Title8C10.20 - Cosmic Microwave Background Globe

To provide a 3D version of the cosmic microwave background radiation with the Milky Way gal​axy band visible.

Assembly Instructions

Make sure the beachball is fully inflated before it is set out for the class.​

Setup Time2
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

This is a visual aid that can be passed around the class to provide a close up view of the CMB radiation.  This beach ball portrays an image of the oldest light in the universe, a direct remnant of the Big Bang.  This light was emitted by hydrogen gas 380,000 years after the Big Bang, long before stars and galaxies formed.  The patterns in this light trace minute variations in the early gas denisty (one part in 100,000) and provide valuable information about the age, shape, and composition of the universe.

12 inch Beach Ball Universe
Red Band around the ball is our own Milky Way Galaxy blocking the view of the CMB light.
Light from outside the sphere has not yet reached us, and light from inside the sphere has already passed us.

Only 4.6% of the energy is in the form of atoms, while the majority consists of dark matter and dark energy.

CMB = 45.7 billion light years in radius
CMB = 13.7 billion years in time​

Data collected by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) between 2001-2006

Temperatures: Blue = 2.7249 degrees K, Red = 2.7251 degrees K.  (Difference of only 0.0002 degrees K)

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Category8 Astronomy
Subcategory8C - Cosmology
KeywordsCMB, cosmic, microwave, background, big bang, oldest light
Construction Information
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