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7F10.60 - Film - The Lorentz Transformation

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​7F10.60 - Film - The Lorentz Transformation

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    Title7F10.60 - Film - The Lorentz Transformation

    Show a part of the Mechanical Universe film series.

    Assembly Instructions

    If the speed of light is to be the same for all inertial observers (as indicated by the Michelson-Morley experiment) the equations for time and space are not difficult to find. But what do they mean? They mean that the length of a meter stick, or the rate of the ticking of a clock depends on who measures it.

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    Operation Time30
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    Category7 Modern Physics
    Subcategory7F - Relativity
    Keywordsspecial relativity, the mechanical universe and beyond, part 42
    Construction Information
    movie clip - the Lorentz Transformation, Mechanical Universe Series