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7D40.10 - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with Gyroscope

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7D40.10 - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with Gyroscope

Title7D40.10 - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with Gyroscope

​To demonstrate Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as simply as possible.

Assembly Instructions

Remove the post of the gyroscope from its holder and balance it on the central balancing post.  Make sure the small magnet is placed on the top of the post of the gyroscope.  Place this in the center of the two coils of wire that are propped up by the wooden base.  Make sure the orientation of the coils of wire are correct or the phenomenon will not work properly.  Place a small compass in front of the gyroscope and one larger compass needle on one side perpendicular to the coils.  Attach a small power supply to the coils.  Put a camera focused on the gyroscope.

Setup Time10
Operation Time5
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

​Make sure the gyroscope is balanced on the central post with the magnet placed on the gyroscope rotational axis.  The gyroscope should be between the two coils of wire.  Spin up the gyroscope using your fingers and then you must stabilize the rotational axis so that it is not wobbling as it rotates.  Then turn on the power supply to provide a magnetic pulse and watch the axis precess around.  If you turn off the power supply, then you can watch the ring down of the gyroscope motion that simulates what is observed as an atom struck with a magnetic pulse rings down and give off a signature signal detectable by a receiver.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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Category7 Modern Physics
Subcategory7D - Nuclear Physics
KeywordsNMR, nuclear magentic resonance, atom, pulse
Construction Information
power supply - 20V, 40A, Tenma, with banana plug bank
banana cable
compass - needle point
compass - hand held
gyro small needlepoint brass
two square coils of wire with banana plugs upright in wooden base
magnet - cylindrical 1/4", samarium - cobalt