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7B35.95 - Audio Modulation of a Plasma Arc

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​7B35.95 - Audio Modulation of a Plasma Arc

Title7B35.95 - Audio Modulation of a Plasma Arc

To demonstrate that you can manipulate a plasma by changing the input, in this case with an audio input.​

Assembly Instructions

Attach the ​mp3 player to the pre-amp.  The pre-amp is then connected to the modulating power supply of the Plasma Arc.  The leads of the power supply run to a pair of electrodes encased in a pvc tube.  Make sure the volume of the mp3 player and pre-amp is set to full power.  Once the arc has formed, adjust the volume as necessary to get a nice output signal.

Setup Time10
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

Turn on the mp3 player to a given song and make sure the volume of the player and pre-amp are all the way up.  Make sure the switch on the power supply is turned on.  You should see an arc form between the electrodes encased in the tube.  Adjust the volume of the music once the arc has formed to get the best output signal.  The arc forms the shape due to the chimney effect since the plasma is hot and hot air rises, it pulls cooler air in from the bottom of the tube. 

If you disturb the arc by blowing on it, it disturbs the audio that is emitted by this modulated arc.​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
HazardsNone, Exposed High Voltage - AC Current
Category7 Modern Physics
Subcategory7B - Atomic Physics
Keywordsplasma, plasma arc, arc, modulation, chimney effect
Construction Information
plasma arc apparatus - vessal and attached power supply
portable cd player
pre-amp - Radioshack mini
camera - b&w (optional)