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7A70.26 - Straight Super Conductor Track

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7A70.26 - Straight Super Conductor Track

Title7A70.26 - Straight Superconductor Track

​A small exportable straight Superconductor track.

Assembly Instructions

The super conductor must be wrapped in paper towel so that one side is completely flat. It must then be wrapped in aluminum foil so the same side is flat.  Holes are then carefully poked into the top of the aluminum foil to allow liquid nitrogen to get to the paper towel. This is then placed into the boat with the metal spacer placed on top.


Setup Time5
Operation Time5
Preview Time15
Operation Instructions

The super conductor boat is placed on the middle of the pinning track. Liquid nitrogen is then poured into the boat slowly so that it fills the boat without running over. When half the nitrogen has evaporated the boat must be refilled. This is repeated until the nitrogen is no longer evaporating quickly. Make sure the boat is pinned by pushing it softly perpendicularly to the pinning track. Now place the boat on to the track it should force itself into place. Give it a small push and watch it bounce back and forth.
Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
Category7 Modern Physics
Subcategory7A - Quantum Effects
KeywordsSuperconductor, Magnetic Track, Really Really Cool, Export
Construction Information
Small Superconductor Boat
Straight Superconductor Track
ceramic superconductor
liquid nitrogen