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6Z1 - Blackboard Optics

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​6Z1 - Blackboard Optics

Title6Z1 - Blackboard Optics

To demonstrate geometrical optics using a variety of lenses, mirrors, and prisms in a transportable kit that connects to a blackboard.​

Assembly Instructions

Stick the light source(s) to the blackboard and plug them into the power supply.  Line up the component clip so it is in line with the  beams of light.  Layout the available pieces for easy access by the lecturer.​

Setup Time5
Operation Time10
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

Turn on the light source(s).  Place the object you would like to show the audience into the component clip and observe the optical properties.​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200Yes
Export Instructions (if different)
HazardsNone, Caution - HOT
Category6 Optics
Subcategory6Z - Miscellaneous
Keywordsoptics, geometric, blackboard, exportable, prism, convex, concave, mirror, lens
Construction Information
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