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6A45.u1 - Collimation with a Lens

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​6A45.u1 - Collimation with a Lens

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    Title6A45.u1 - Collimation with a Lens

    To show how a laser beam can be collimated using a lens.

    Assembly Instructions

    Assembly the laser tank with the fog machine on one end and the lens/beamsplitter assembly with the laser at the other end.  Check that the fog machine is full of liquid and that the laser and lens/beamsplitter assembly is aligned.  To know that you are properly aligned, the outgoing beams should be parallel.

    Setup Time10
    Operation Time5
    Preview Time5
    Operation Instructions

    Turn on the fog machine and the laser.  As long as the alignment has been done and nothing was bumped, you should see a single laser beam hitting the beamsplitter that is located at the focal point of the attached lens.  As the light hits the lens, it is collimated into 3 parallel lines.​

    Demo on DimeNo
    PIRA 200No
    Export Instructions (if different)
    Category6 Optics
    Subcategory6A - Geometrical Optics
    Keywordscollimation, collimator, point source, parallel rays, light
    Construction Information
    laser tank feet 4 ft long
    laser tank sides 4 ft long
    laser tank parts box
    humidifier - uses de-ionized water
    beam splitter mounted to stand with convex lens
    laser - green 8.5mW, with adjustable base