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5N10.u2 - Radio Frequency Allocation Chart

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​5N10.u2 - Radio Frequency Allocation Chart

Title5N10.u2 - Radio Frequency Allocation Chart

To provide a visual aid showing how the radio spectrum is broken up by the different groups who use specific bandwidths of the spectrum for the US.​

Assembly Instructions

Grab the poster from the storage area on the instrumentation shelf.  Magnets are used to adhere the poster to the blackboard.​

Setup Time3
Operation Time5
Preview Time3
Operation Instructions

The colored poster provides a frequency breakdown of what groups use which bands of the radio frequency spectrum.  Particularly, we show that television broadcasting of channels 2-4 require 6Hz of bandwidth each.  Also listed are satellite designations, military communication bandwidths, radio astronomy bandwidths, and other such information.​

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Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
Subcategory5N - Electromagnetic Radiation
Keywordsradio spectrum, allocation, frequency designation
Construction Information
radio frequency allocation chart
magnetic poster hangers