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5M10.92 - Integrated Circuit Chip Show and Tell

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​5M10.92 - Integrated Circuit Chip Show and Tell

Title5M10.92 - Integrated Circuit Chip Show and Tell

To provide a concrete example of an integrated circuit chip that is used for memory storage and one that is used for processing.​

Assembly Instructions

Place the provided integrated circuit chips onto a document camera to display to the entire class, if desired.​

Setup Time2
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

An integrated circuit chip is an electronic chip manufactured by the patterned diffusion of trace elements into the surface of a thin substrate of semiconductor material.  Additional materials are deposited and patterned to form interconnections betweeen semiconductor devices.​

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PIRA 200No
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Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
Subcategory5M - Semiconductors and Tubes
Keywordsintegrated circuit, computer chip, electronic circuit, IC, modern electronics
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integrated circuit chip
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