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5L30.20 - A Visual AC Effect

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​5L30.20 - A Visual AC Effect

Title5L30.20 - A Visual AC Effect

Demonstrate visually that alternating current is cyclical and compare it to direct current.

Assembly Instructions

Grab the light assembly cord and a On/Off switch. Check that both LEDs are working.

Setup Time5
Operation Time
Preview Time2
Operation Instructions

​Turn on the On/Off switch and ensure there is enough space to swing the lightcord around in a circle.  

As the LED is spun, you observe switching between positive and negative line voltage at a frequency of 60Hz through the illumination of each LED.  One of the LEDs are hooked up in reverse, so to light when the AC signal becomes negative, while the other is hooked up as expected.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)

​There are two LEDs, red and green, which turn on and off at the frequency of the AC power input from the wall (60Hz). One of the LEDs is connected in reverse. This enables one of the LEDs to be turned on when the AC signal is negative and then switches states when the AC signal is positive. We see this as opposing blinks when the cord is swung around in a circle.

Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
Subcategory5L - AC Circuits
Keywordsalternating current, ac current, blinky whirligig, 60 Hz flasher, 60 Hertz flasher, visible, ac, AC
Construction Information
red-green LED assembly
Ne2 bulb assembly
power supply - 0-200VDC, 0-17A
banana to AC line plug adapter