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5K30.45 - Melt A Rod

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5K30.45 - Melt A Rod

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    Title5K30.45 - Melt A Rod

    Show the ability of a step down transformer as a high current source.​

    Assembly Instructions

    ​Obtain large Warren made transformer, variac, suicide cables, a 3/8" steel rod, and bowl of water. Connect transformer to the variac and ensure that it is off. Carefully install the suicide cables into the variac and then the wall. With everything off, install the 3/8" steel rod into the casted copper clamps. Ensure that correct placement is used. The casted copper clamps should be over the edge of the bench or cart and directly above a large bowl of water to capture the molten drop of steel.

    Setup Time15
    Operation Time5
    Preview Time15
    Operation Instructions

    With everything off, install the 3/8" steel rod in the casted copper clamps. Turn on the variac and crank up the voltage till the rod starts to glow and melt. Once a molten drip drops into the water, turn the variac and transformer off. Allow the demo to cool down before touching it.

    Demo on DimeNo
    PIRA 200No
    Export Instructions (if different)
    HazardsNone, Exposed High Voltage - AC Current, Caution - HOT, Magnets - Strong Magnets Present
    Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
    Subcategory5K - Electromagnetic Induction
    Construction Information
    variac - 140V, 15A
    squeezee clamp
    block - wood
    metal bowl with water
    rod for melting
    large warren made transformer
    cable - banana plugs to non-grounded outlet plug