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5K20.20 - Wire Falling in a Magnetic Field

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​5K20.20 - Wire Falling in a Magnetic Field

Title5K20.20 - Wire Falling in a Magnetic Field

Demonstrate the effect of a magnetic field on a falling conductor.

Assembly Instructions

A small loop of wire is placed between the poles of the electromagnet and falls slowly through the poles due to the retarding eddy current forces. The loop is 1-1/4" square and has a cross section of 1/8" square. The loop is unstable in the field so that if it is started with its center above the pole face, it will tend to roll off of the potential hill created by the field. Similarly, since the force on it would be zero if it was parallel to the field it tends to lean on one pole face or the other in its attempt to flip to a parallel position.

Setup Time15
Operation Time
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

​**This demo is currently unavailable**

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
Subcategory5K - Electromagnetic Induction
Keywordseddy currents
Construction Information
large electromagnet
loop of wire - small
power supply - high voltage, DC