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5K10.21 - Electromagnetic Induction Projectual

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​5K10.21 - Electromagnetic Induction Projectual

Title5K10.21 - Electromagnetic Induction Projectual

Demonstrate that a current is induced in a conductor when the lines of flux of a magnet moving through a conductor are cut.

Assembly Instructions

Place the projectual on the stage of an overhead projector, then focus the projector so that the image of the milliammeter appears sharp and clear. Move the bar magnet through one of the three coils and observe the deflection. There are many concepts that can be shown, among them are:

Setup Time5
Operation Time
Preview Time2
Operation Instructions
Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)

​This projectual allows you to graphically demonstrate that a current is induced in a conductor, when the lines of flux of a magnet moving through a conductor are cut.  The studetns will be able to make observations which will allow them to achieve the following concepts and many more:

1) The number of turns in the coil do influence the magnitude of the current induced.
2) The speed of the cut has an infludence on the current induced.
3) There is an influence on the current induced by the direction (in, out, polarity) of the cut
4) THe curren tin the conductor exists only during the time when the magnet is in motion
5) The strength of the magnetic field has an influence on the current induced.

Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
Subcategory5K - Electromagnetic Induction
Keywordsinduced emf, electromotive force
Construction Information
electromagnetic induction projectual with weak bar magnet attached
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