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5H40.u2 - Lorentz Electric Train

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5H40.u2 - Lorentz Electric Train

Title5H40.u2 - Lorentz Electric Train

​Demonstrates a simple electric train consisting of a AAA-battery, 2 magnets, and a coil of wire.  The dominant force present is the Lorentz Force.

Assembly Instructions

Connect the magnets to the ends of the AAA-battery using the washer spacers to help keep the magnets centered on the battery.  The orientation of the magnets should be N-S--Battery--S-N or the opposite, S-N--Battery-N-S.  Using squeezee clamps, clamp down the brass spring approximately 4ft in length (can go shorter or longer).  Place the battery train into the coil and watch it travel.​

Setup Time5
Operation Time7
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

With the brass spring clamped down, make sure the magnets are connected to the ends of the AAA-battery using the washers as spacers to keep the magnets centered.  Make sure the orientation is correct.  Place the battery train into the coil and watch it travel.  If you put it in backwards, the force produced will push the train back out of the coil.  If you flip one of the magnets so that the orientation is N-S--Battery--N-S, then the forces on the train add to become zero and the train will not move.  If you flip over the other magnet, so that the train is in the opposite orientation than what you started with, then the train will travel the opposite direction through the coil.​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
HazardsMagnets - Strong Magnets Present
Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
Subcategory5H - Magnetic Fields and Forces
Keywordssimple, train, electric, magnetic, Lorentz, Faraday, magnitized, battery, force
Construction Information
steel washers used to keep the magnets centered about the battery, primarily on the positive end of battery.  Otherwise, magnets slip and hang up the battery train as it travels through the coil.
spring - brass 3/4"
squeezee clamp
batteries AAA
magnet - neodymium 1/2"
washers - steel