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5F30.20-3 - RC Charge and Discharge Curves

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​5F30.20-3 - RC Charge and Discharge Curves

Title5F30.20-3 - RC Charge and Discharge Curves

Demonstrate a resistor-capacitor circuit charging and discharging with an oscilloscope.

Assembly Instructions

The simple RC circuit with a square wave input can also be used to show capacitor charge and discharge curves. This method may be less confusing to students than "Capacitor Charge and Discharge Curves". The pre-wired LCR circuit board with pull out components is used. Simply remove the inductor and replace it with a short lead wire to complete the circuit. Connect the square wave output of the function sine-square generator across the circuit board terminals (each side of the board, across all components).  Then attach each of the probe leads across the total circuit, across the resistor, across the capacitor, and inductor.  The oscilloscope should read the voltage across each of these devices and display them on the screen.  Set the function generator to about 10 Hz or so to get the best results.

Setup Time15
Operation Time5
Preview Time7
Operation Instructions

Turn on the camera input so the students can view the oscilloscope output on the screen.  Vary the value of the resistance in the system to show how the resistance value effects the charging and discharging time of the capacitor in the circuit.​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
Subcategory5F - DC Circuits
Keywordscapacitance, charging, discharging, RC circuit
Construction Information
RLC board - pre-wired circuit board
differential voltage probes (set of 4)
oscilloscope - Agilent Technologies DSO6014A
function generator
plug-in capacitor
plug-in resistor
banana cable