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5E40.95 - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

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​5E40.95 - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Title5E40.95 - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

​To demonstrate how solar power can be used to disassociate H20 into usable fuel and run a car off of the produced fuel.

Assembly Instructions

Mount the 250W black spotlight onto a bench rod and shine it onto the face of the solar panel provided in the kit.  Due to the angle of the mounted spotlight, it may be useful to grab a wedge to elevate the solar panel so the light is striking the surface straight on.  Fill the correct side of the included tank with de-ionized water and cap the container.  Plug in the leads of the solar panel to the tank and turn on the light.  This will create hydrogen gas in one chamber and oxygen gas in the other.  Once the tank is perged of the water and only gas fills the container, disconnect the solar panel and immediately turn off the spotlight.  Then attach the tank to the car per the direction.  Connect the leads and watch the car run.​

Setup Time10
Operation Time10
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

With the container filled with de-ionized water, attach the leads of the solar panel to the container and turn on the spotlight to begin the disassociation of water.  Once the container is filled with the appropriate gases on each side of the chamber, turn off the spotlight and unplug the leads.  Attach the container to the included car.  Attach the leads to the appropriate side and watch the car run.​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
Subcategory5E - Electromotive Force and Current
Keywordshydrogen fuel, alternative fuel, car
Construction Information
switch - on/off with power outlet
spotlight - 250W, black
bench clamp
bench rod
hydrogen fuel cell car kit - car, h2o tank, solar panel, cables, water container
water - de-ionized