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5B20.35 - Radio in a Cage

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​5B20.35 - Radio in a Cage

Title5B20.35 - Radio in a Cage

To prove a radio in a wire cage will not be able to receive RF electromagnetic waves. Proves Faraday was right, and that there is zero electric field inside a conducting shell.

Assembly Instructions

Gather the radio, a large wire cage, a wooden block, an aluminum grounding plate, one alligator to banana plug wire, and banana plug to grounding wire. Place the aluminum base down on a table or cart, then the wooden block on top, and then the radio on top of both being furthest from the ground. Connec the Aluminum plate to ground with the banana plug to ground wire. Turn on the radio and find a good station with well reception. Replace the batteries if necessary. Keep wire cage by the side and use according to the operational instructions.

Setup Time10
Operation Time
Preview Time
Operation Instructions

Place radio on top of a large block of wood or other insulator on top of an aluminum base, which acts as a grounding plate. Turn on the radio and find a station with good reception. With the radio on, place the large wire cage over the radio and block to close up the cavity. You will notice as the cage surrounds the radio, the radio signal cannot escape the enclosure and the sound cannot penetrate.

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PIRA 200Yes
Export Instructions (if different)

Electrons are able to move freely in conductors, so a conducting shell around an object will sheild anything inside the shell from external electric fields, including radio waves.

Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
Subcategory5B - Electric Fields and Potential
KeywordsFaraday Cage
Construction Information
radio - AM/FM
metal cage
aluminum base plate
block - wood
grounding plug