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5A10.09 - Rods and Fur or Silk with Electroscope

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​5A10.09 - Rods and Fur or Silk with Electroscope

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    Title5A10.09 - Rods and Fur or Silk with Electroscope

    To demonstrate ​the two types of charges, positive and negative, and how an electroscope works to measure the charge.wa

    Assembly Instructions

    Grab two rods of each material, Teflon and Nylon, and set them on a v-stand with the appropriate cloth next to or underneath them. Place the electroscope within arms reach of the rods and fur or silk.  Set up a camera to view the electroscope. The electroscope should be grounded with a banana cable and plug and plugged into the cart. 

    Setup Time5
    Operation Time5
    Preview Time5
    Operation Instructions

    The rods are dielectric with the charges remaining in static position on the surface. To achieve full charge on the rod, you must rub the whole length with the silk or fur. Charge up  one rod with the appropriate cloth.

    Once charged, the charges do not move on the surface of the rod. To fully transfer the charge to the electroscope, you need to run the length of the rod across the electrode of the electroscope to transfer the whole charge from the rod to the scope. 

    You should see the scope rise to a given value.  Then either charge that same rod again and touch the electroscope again and see the scope rise again or charge up the other rod and when you touch the rod to the electroscope, the needle should decrease since the positive and negative charges cancel out.  This decreases the overall total charge remaining on the electroscope.​



    This demo can be used with an electrophorus plate.

    Demo on DimeNo
    PIRA 200Yes
    Export Instructions (if different)

    The  rods are dielectric with  the charges  remaining in  static position  on the surface. To achieve full charge on the rod, you must rub the whole length with  the silk or fur.  ​

    The transfer of charge from rod to cloth or vice versa is a surface effect between the two materials created by a difference in electronegativity of the constituent atoms each material is made of. It is called the "Triboelectric" effect. Materials with greater electronegativity will more readily  accept electrons than other materials. The resulting effect is a transfer of charge from one surface to another. 
    Category5 Electricity and Magnetism
    Subcategory5A - Electrostatics
    Keywordselectrostatic, charge, positive, negative, electroscope, rod, fur, silk
    Construction Information
    teflon rod
    nylon rod
    grounding plug
    camera - b&w
    electrophorus plate (optional charging source)