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4F30.95 - Carnot Cycle Demonstrator

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​4F30.95 - Carnot Cycle Demonstrator

Title4F30.95 - Carnot Cycle Demonstrator

Demonstrate the thermodynamic processes in the Carnot cycle.

Assembly Instructions

A clear glass tube with a moveable piston inside is used to represent a volume of gas. It is placed on one of each of three large blocks labeled "HOT", "INS", and "COLD" to illustrate the thermodynamic processes in a Carnot cycle. Firstly, the cylinder is placed on the HOT block where the volume is increased isothermally by moving the piston. Secondly, the cylinder is placed on the INS block and the piston is pulled back to represent adiabatic expansion. Thirdly, it is placed on the COLD block where it is held at constant temperature while being compressed. And finally, it is placed on the INS block where it is compressed adiabatically brining it back to the HOT temperature where the cycle started.

Setup Time5
Operation Time
Preview Time2
Operation Instructions
Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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Category4 Thermodynamics
Subcategory4F - Entropy and the Second Law
Keywordsthermodynamic process
Construction Information
piston - clear glass model
Carnot block