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4D10.18 - Brownian Motion Demonstrated with Bumble Balls

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​4D10.18 - Brownian Motion Demonstrated with Bumble Balls

Title4D10.18 - Brownian Motion Demonstrated with Bumble Balls

​To demonstrate Brownian Motion of a particle immersed in a medium using a small soccer ball, bumble balls, and a wooden corral.

Assembly Instructions

Clamp 3 of the sides of the corral together using squeezee clamps.  Leave the fourth side movable so the volume of the corral can easily be changed.  Place all of the bumble balls inside the corral with the ON/OFF buttons face up.  Set the small soccer ball on a anti-rolling base outside of the corral.​

Setup Time5
Operation Time10
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

When ready, turn on all of the bumble balls inside the corral.  Place the soccer ball inside the corral and hold the loose corral side in place by hand or with the provided additional squeezee clamps.  Observe the random motion of the soccer ball in response to the momentum transfer between the soccer ball and the medium particles (bumble balls).  If the soccer ball gets caught in the corner, pick it up and place it somewhere else in the corral. 


Sometimes, varying the size of the corral will produce better results depending on the battery life and motion of the bumble balls.​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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Category4 Thermodynamics
Subcategory4D - Kinetic Theory
Keywordsbrownian motion, random motion, particle movement, molecular movement, kinetic theory
Construction Information
Bumble Ball
corral - 4 wood sides, two sides with feet, two sides without feet
soccer ball - nerf (smaller than real soccer ball)
squeezee clamp
(optional) camera on bench clamp