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4C60.u2 - Partial Melting of Solids with Separation of Liquid from Solids

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​4C60.u2 - Partial Melting of Solids with Separation of Liquid from Solids

Title4C60.u2 - Partial Melting of Solids with Separation of Liquid from Solids

To demonstrate how pressure in a partially melted mixture will force the liquid to the surface and the solids to further sink.​

Assembly Instructions

Fill a beaker with water and empty the bag of cut up spongue pieces into the beaker.  Immerse the spongue pieces into the water and squeeze them until they all fill with water.  Dump out the access water after the spongues are full.  Remove the top of the French Press and place the soaked spongue pieces in the container.  Replace the top and place it in front of a camera with a back plane.  ​

Setup Time10
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

With the spongue pieces filled with water and placed in the french press, make sure the camera output is displayed to the audience.  Place one hand on the top and depress the plunger with your other hand.  Watch the water be released from the spongues and work its way up through the mixture.  As more pressure is applied, the water rises above the plunger while the solids remain below the plunger.​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
Category4 Thermodynamics
Subcategory4C - Change of State
Keywordspartial melt, partial melting, volcano, liquid/solid separation
Construction Information
french press
spongue cubes - yellow
water - from the tap
blocking plate
camera - b&w