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4C60.u1 - Partial Melting of Solids and Migration of Liquid Through Pore Spaces

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​4C60.u1 - Partial Melting of Solids and Migration of Liquid Through Pore Spaces

Title4C60.u1 - Partial Melting of Solids and Migration of Liquid Through Pore Spaces

To demonstrate the partial melting and liquid migration through pores in the solids to form the underground regions of magma.​

Assembly Instructions

​Drip liquid dye onto each sugar cube begin used.  Allow to dry.  Sprinkle a very little amount of powder dye on the bottom of the fish tank.  Tape the water hose to the inner side of the smallest fish tank so the water fills the tank from the bottom up.  Fill the tank with a homogeneous mixture of pink, white, and yellow golf balls.  Place the dyed sugar cubes throughout the mixture, with a few extra on the side facing the audience.  Illuminate the tank using a lamp and a camera is used to display the front face of the tank.

Setup Time15
Operation Time5
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

With the golf balls, sugar cubes, and water hose in place.  Turn on the lamp to illuminate the demo and make sure the camera output is visible.  When ready, turn on the water and watch the tank fill from the bottom up.  The sugar cubes should begin to dissolve and since they are dyed, it will show that the sugar "solids" mix when liquified.  Not everything melts, represented by the golf balls, showing the creation of a partially melted solution.​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
Category4 Thermodynamics
Subcategory4C - Change of State
Keywordspartial melt, volcano, migration, liquid to solid, pore space
Construction Information
fish tank - small
golf ball
sugar cubes dyed with food coloring
blocking plate
fill hose - water
water - from the tap
camera - color
dye - red
light - 9.5W LED, clip mount