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4B40.31 - Radiation Cans

4B40.31 - Radiation Cans

Title4B40.31 - Radiation Cans

​To demonstrate the effect emmisivity has on the absorbtion of electromagnetic radiation.

Assembly Instructions

​Gather Radiation Cans and thermocouples and laptop with software. Fill each "Radiation Can" with equal amounts of water or just leave filled with air. Each thermocouple has a rubber cork with a hole in it to be inserted to which goes ontop of the radiation can. Each thermocouple has a USB connector to be plugged into the laptop. A 500W lightbulb or greater and a variac are set up a fixed distance away from each "radiation can". 

Setup Time10
Operation Time10
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

​Start recording with the Logger Pro Software with a unique channel for each thermocouple being displayed. Turn on the lightbulb and run the demo until a siginificant difference in temperature is displayed between the radiation cans. approx. 25mins or Less.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)

​Three aluminum cans each with a different color (black, gray, and white) are used to demonstrate the effect emmisivity has on the absorption of electromagnetic radiation and displayed on a live plot graph.

Category4 Thermodynamics
Subcategory4B - Heat and the First Law
Keywordsemmisivity, radiation, heat, conduction, thermal mass, heat capacity
Construction Information
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laptop computer
light bulb - 500W, 115V, filament
light shield
Radiation Cans
Thermocouples - Vernier