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4B10.12 - Thermal Conductivity of Wood vs. Aluminum

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​4B10.12 - Thermal Conductivity of Wood vs. Aluminum

Title4B10.12 - Thermal Conductivity of Wood vs. Aluminum

To show how ice will melt faster on an aluminum plate that begins at a cooler temperature than a wood plate that begins at a higher temperature due to the heat capacity.​

Assembly Instructions

Attach a thermoprobe to each of the two plates.  Place an o-ring on each plate to contain the melting ice.  Display the multimeters and the plates using 2 cameras.​

Setup Time5
Operation Time10
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

Begin with no ice on the plates.  Have the students observe the temperatures and ask them which they believe would melt the ice faster.  Then place the ice on the plates and allow the students to observe which melts the ice faster.  The result should be that the aluminum plate melts the ice faster due to the larger thermal conductivityof aluminum over wood.

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PIRA 200No
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Category4 Thermodynamics
Subcategory4B - Heat and the First Law
Keywordsheat capacity, wood vs. aluminum, ice melt, heat transfer
Construction Information
heat capacity of wood vs. aluminum apparatus including 2 o-rings
multimeter - thermometer
camera - b&w