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4A30.21 - Ball and Sleeve

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​4A30.21 - Ball and Sleeve

Title4A30.21 - Ball and Sleeve

Demonstrate thermal expansion of a brass ball and two sleeves.

Assembly Instructions
Obtain the necessary equipment for the demonstration. Be sure to collect a matching set of all 'A' or all 'B' instruments or demo may not work as decribed. For this demonstration, the order of operation matters. See the operation instructions below for the correct order.

Setup Time10
Operation Time
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

A brass ball and two brass sleeves are mounted on wooden handles.  When at room temperature, the ball does not pass through the flat plate sleeve. If the flat plate is heated, the hole in the plate expands and the ball can fit through the flat plate sleeve.  Next, show that at room temperature, the ball fits through the circular sleeve.  If the ball is heated, it will no longer pass through the hole in the sleeve due to the expansion of the material of the ball.  Be sure to place hot items onto the aluminum plate to cool them down and not brand the top of the table.


**Upon Request**  ​

4A30.u3 is a transparancy that models thermal expansion, showing how the vacant regions also expand within thermally expanding solids.
Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200Yes
Export Instructions (if different)
HazardsNone, Caution - HOT, Caution - Open Flames

Thermal expansion is created by energizing the bonds between atoms which increases their nominal distance from each other. Stronger bonds and therefore stronger materials, expand less than weaker bonded materials.

Category4 Thermodynamics
Subcategory4A - Thermal Properties of Matter
Keywordsthermal expansion, solid expansion,
Construction Information
ball and sleeves set
propane torch
grounding plate W/O ground plug - just aluminum plate