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3D60.u1-3 - Pull Apart Piano

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​3D60.u1-3 - Pull Apart Piano

Title3D60.u1-3 - Pull Apart Piano

The housing of the piano is pulled off to reveal the inner structure of the keys, strings, and sounding board. ​

Assembly Instructions

Lift the top flap first.  Un-hook the brackets on the inside of the top front panel.  Lift the top front panel off of the piano and set aside.  Remove the screw on the right side of the next piece, pull it slightly forward, then up and lift off of the piano and set aside.  Next remove the piece that covers the keys of the piano and set aside.  Lastly, the bottom front panel can be removed by depressing the stopper located in the center on the top of the plate below the keys.  Once depressed, then lift the panel up and out as there are two pegs that this plate resides on to hold it in place.  Set that panel aside.  Finally, position the piano so the students can view it.  (OPTIONAL) - A camera may be requested to view the assembly from a key, the hammer, and where it strikes the strings on the top.  Use the tri-pod on the movable cart for the camera assembly.​

Setup Time7
Operation Time5
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

With all of the panels off of the piano, you can either point out the components or strike the keys to show the movements within the piano.  The foot petals at the bottom can also be depressed to show how that changes the workings of the piano.

**This piano is NOT tuned correctly due to its age and condition**​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
Category3 Oscillations
Subcategory3D - Instruments
Keywordspiano, pull-apart, pull, apart, pull apart, sound board, strings, sound
Construction Information
pull apart piano
(optional) camera on tri-pod on movable cart