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3C40.15 - Acoustic Telescope Emitter

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​3C40.15 - Acoustic Telescope Emitter

Title3C40.15 - Acoustic Telescope Emitter

To demonstrate how you can place a sound emitter at the focal point of a dish ​and use it to collimate the beam of sound out into the audience.

Assembly Instructions

Open the storage case and flip up the dish inside.  Mount the assembly to the large Samson tripod.  The sound emitter plugs into the back of the dish and a white sound reflector fits on the front of the dish located at the focal point.  Connect the sound emitter to the amplifier with banana cables.  Connect the sound source (iPod) to the amplifier and turn it on.​

Setup Time10
Operation Time10
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

Turn on the amplifier and the sound source.  Point the dish to one side of the classroom.  Tell the students to pay attention as you sweep the dish across the classroom.  Then tell the students to raise their hand when they think the sound is the largest as you sweep the dish across the classroom a second time.  It should be observed that the loudest sound is concentrated directly in front of the dish.​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
HazardsSound Hazard - Use Ear Protection
Category3 Oscillations
Subcategory3C - Acoustics
Keywordsaudio, telescope, acoustic, collimation, collimated, beam width, emitting, sound
Construction Information
the dish is a satalite dish converted to fit a sound emitter on the back.  The reflector is machined out of plastic.
satalite dish assembly
sound emitter assembly - speaker and coupler
sound reflector lens
banana cable
tripod Samson
amplifier - Samson Servo 120A
iPod - music source
cable RCA to 1/8"