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3B10.31 - Table Top Jacob's Ladder

​3B10.31 - Table Top Jacob's Ladder

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Title3B10.31 - Table Top Jacob's Ladder

Demonstrate torsional waves.

Assembly Instructions

Similar in design to the large room-sized vertical Jacob's ladder, this version offers the advantage of having "rungs" of different lengths. The ladder is composed of three sections, each of which has a different rung length. The sections should be carried in the special boxes in which they are stored. Balance the sections of the stands and join them by using the right angle bends at the end of each center wire using a small brass clamp (a small block with a small hole drilled through it and a set screw). It can be shown that the waves travel faster in the smaller rungs than in the longer rungs, similar to the way water waves speed up as they near the shallow shore waters. This arrangement also allows the user to start waves anywhere along the ladder.

Setup Time15
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions
Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200Yes
Export Instructions (if different)
Category3 Oscillations
Subcategory3B - Wave Motion
Keywordswave propagation, transverse wave machine, jacobs ladder, wave machine, transverse waves
Construction Information
table top Jacob's ladder (four sections)
stand for table top Jacob's ladder setup