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3A70.u3 - Bi-Frequency Pendulum

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3A70.u3 - Bi-Frequency Pendulum

Title3A70.u3 - Bi-Frequency Pendulum

Demonstrate Second Harmonic Generation and Parametric Excitations.

Assembly Instructions
Setup Time5
Operation Time0
Preview Time10
Operation Instructions

​Disturb the pendulum bob in a single direction from its initial equillibrium position and release it. Watch as the energy transfers from one axis to another and back again over time.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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​Second Harmonic generation and Parametric Excitations require phase-matching, central symmetry violation, and other tunings.

Proper choice of relationships betweens stick's length h, string length L, and tilt (theta) allows to tune the frequency ratio 2 to 1 for the two linearized eigenmodes. w1 = (g*cos(theta)/(h+L*cos(theta)))^(1/2), and w2 = (g/L)^(1/2).

The Non-Linear aspects have great teaching significance for difficult subjects in the field of optics being analogous to the electron mapping in a medium with passing electromagnetic waves.

Category3 Oscillations
Subcategory3A - Oscillations
KeywordsSecond Harmonic Generation, Non-Linear, Bi-frequency, pendulum
Construction Information
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