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3A60.u3 - Gas Spring Resonance

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3A60.u3 - Gas Spring Resonance

Title3A60.u3 - Gas Spring Resonance

​To demonstrate the potential trapped gas has as a spring in a mass-spring system.

Assembly Instructions

Collect two banana cables and one sine wave capable function generator and gas spring apparatus. Connect banana cables to coil on apparatus and function generator output. Plug function generator into the wall.

Setup Time10
Operation Time3
Preview Time15
Operation Instructions

​Open air-valves on the apparatus and turn the apparatus upside down so the aluminum piston falls to what was previously the top of the apparatus. Close both air valves. Return to upbright position and mount in stand. Slowly let the piston fall to just above the coil. When the bottom of the piston approaches the top of the coil, turn on the sinewave output at around 15 hz and .9A. Slowly increase or decrease the frequency until maximum displacement of the piston is achieved. The system is then in resonance.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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Category3 Oscillations
Subcategory3A - Oscillations
Keywordsgas, spring, mass psring system, resonance, adiabatic
Construction Information
function generator
banana cable
Gas Spring
camera - b&w