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3A10.15 - Large Pendulum Hung from Ceiling

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​3A10.15 - Large Pendulum Hung from Ceiling

Title3A10.15 - Large Pendulum Hung from Ceiling

Demonstrate a simple pendulum.

Assembly Instructions

A large brightly painted lead ball is hung on a light steel cable fastened to a beam on the catwalk. This pendulum may be used in many ways when talking about harmonic motion. The suspension consists of light wire rope with the appropriate hardware secured to both ends with safety fittings. These fittings consist of a small brass cylinder with a hole through it just large enough to pass three pieces of the wire, and securing set screws. The wire is looped through the hole and then looped back through a second time. The loops are pulled up tight and the screws tightened.

Setup Time15
Operation Time
Preview Time3
Operation Instructions
Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
Category3 Oscillations
Subcategory3A - Oscillations
Keywordsshm, simple harmonic motion
Construction Information
pendulum bob orange round 8 inches
steel cable - hung from catwalk