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2C20.15 - Venturi Tubes

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​2C20.15 - Venturi Tubes

Title2C20.15 - Venturi Tubes

Demonstrate Venturi tube suction.​

Assembly Instructions

Instructions:  A Venturi tube with three constrictions in series is designed to be used with the high pressure air line.  Suspend the Venturi tube with a 3-fingered rod clamp so that each of the side tubes sit in a beaker that is filled with colored water.  Next, tape down the air hose attachment so that it does not pull the apparatus off of the table and attach the air hose coupler to the air spout in the classroom using pliers.

Setup Time10
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

Instructions:  With each of the side hoses sitting in a beaker of colored water and the air hose attached to the air coupler, then turn on the air about a quarter of the way.  When air blows through the main tube, the colored water rises into the side tubes.  NOTE:  Do not turn the air up too high or you will spit dyed water everywhere, making for a not-so-fun cleanup.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200Yes
Export Instructions (if different)
The export setup for this demo is different than the one used in the classroom.  A monopod with rod, rod clamp, and 3-fingered clamp is used to support the export setup.  The venturi setup has only 1 constriction with a hose that should extend into a petri dish full of dyed water for easy visibility.  Attach the vacuum hose to the assembly and when ready, turn it on low.  You should slowly ramp up the speed and point out the liquid being sucked up the tube by the venturi effect.  Be sure to not turn up the vacuum too high to cause the dyed liquid to asperate.
Category2 Fluid Mechanics
Subcategory2C - Dynamics of Fluids
KeywordsVacuum model, suction, Venturi tube
Construction Information
venturi tube with hose attachment
catch plate with 2" petri dishes (3)
air coupler hose
water - from the tap
dye - red
tripod with rod clamp and 3-fingered clamp attached