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2C10.15 - Leaky Bucket

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2C10.15 - Leaky Bucket

Title2C10.15 - Leaky Bucket

Display a simply physical analogy to 5F30.40 - Leaky Capacitor

Assembly Instructions

​Attach two monopods to the bench clamp asssembly.  Place the bucket with 2 hoses attached on the top monopod and the bucket with a single small hose on top of the bottom monopod.  The small hoses on each bucket should have a hose clamp on them.  Make sure these are pinching off the hose before any water is added to the system.  The large hose on the top bucket is a drainage hose used to keep the water level in the top bucket constant.  Feed the water from the sink into the top bucket using another hose that is clamped to the bench rod using a bulldog clip.  This should then pour into the top bucket.  Place the aluminum pan below the bottom bucket to collect any water coming from the small hose leading from the bottom bucket.  Pre-fill the top bucket to the level of the drainage hose.  Place some water into the bottom bucket, ideally to the level of one of the measurement lines.  Test to make sure there are no blockages in either of the small hoses before sending it out to the classroom.

Setup Time20
Operation Time10
Preview Time15
Operation Instructions

Top bucket represents a power supply kept at a given voltage.  Bottom buck represents the capacitor in the system.  The small hose connected the top bucket to the bottom bucket represents the current path between the power supply and capacitor.  Small hose leading from the bottom bucket will represent the current flow from the capacitor representing the "leakage" from the capacitor.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
Category2 Fluid Mechanics
Subcategory2C - Dynamics of Fluids
Keywordsleaky, capacitor, bucket, equilvalent, leakage, circuit, voltage, current, physical analogy
Construction Information
bucket - plastic, clear with 2 hoses (small drainage, large for keeping water level consistant) and hose clamp
bucket - plastic, clear with level markings and drainage hose, and hose clamp
bench clamp
bench rod
monopod wooden rectangular base
pan - aluminum, five 30" by 10"
bulldog clips - large
water - from the tap
camera - b&w