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2C10.10 - Water Tower with Five Orifices

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​2C10.10 - Water Tower with Five Orifices

Title2C10.10 - Water Tower with Five Orifices

Demonstrate the symmetrical nature in which water will flow from holes in a tower. (Torricelli's Law)​

Assembly Instructions

Instructions:  Place the Plexiglas tower in one side of the water catching pan.  Using tape, connect the 2 water catching pans together long-ways.  Make sure all of the plugs are firmly in each hole.  Using the hose attachment, fill up the tower until it is full (~2inches from top).

Setup Time10
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

Instructions:  When ready to perform the demo, pull out the plugs and watch the streams of water.  The spout coming from the middle has the greatest range, while the spouts symmetrically paired above and below the middle have equal ranges. If H is the height of the tank, and h is the distance down from the top of the tank to a given hole, then the distance, d, out (horizontal) that the spout reaches is given by:   d = vt = (2gh)1/2 * sqrt[g/2(H-h)]

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200Yes
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Category2 Fluid Mechanics
Subcategory2C - Dynamics of Fluids
KeywordsWater pressure, water height, Torricelli’s Law
Construction Information
water tower
water - from the tap
pan - aluminum, five 30" by 10"
fill hose - water