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2B40.85 - Density of Balls in Beans

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​2B40.85 - Density of Balls in Beans

Title2B40.85 - Density of balls in beans

​To demonstrate that objects of less density (ping pong balls) will rise upward in a higher-density medium (pinto beans).

Assembly Instructions

No assembly required.  Possibly a camera may need to be set up depending on the venue of use.​

Setup Time2
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

With the ping pong balls buried by the pinto beans.  Begin to shake the jar up and down, causing the contents to separate by density.  The less dense ping pong balls will rise to the top of the container, while the more dense beans settle on the bottom of the container. 

**Theoretically, a more massive object would sink to the bottom while the light object rose to the top of the pile, but in practice the ball bearing that we used as a more dense object was not dense enough to reach the bottom of the container, but rather it resided in the center of the container.**​

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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Category2 Fluid Mechanics
Subcategory2B - Statics of Fluids
Keywordsdensity, brazil nut effect
Construction Information
bottle of pinto beans and two ping pong balls