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2B40.14 - Archimedes' Principle

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​2B40.14 - Archimedes' Principle

Title2B40.14 - Archimedes' Principle

Demonstrate how buoyancy affects apparent weight.​

Assembly Instructions


Instructions:  Grab the Archimedes’ Principle assembly, which includes the hanging spring scale and the magnesium mass.  Place the magnesium mass into a 1000mL beaker then fill the beaker with water.  Then remove the mass and hang it from the spring scale.  Place the beaker of water onto the spring pan balance.  Adjust the height of the spring scale balance so that the hanging mass does not touch any of the sides of the beaker with the mass hanging just above the opening of the beaker.


Setup Time10
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

Instructions:  With the mass hanging just above the beaker that is on a spring pan scale, release the pulley string from its’ lowest hook and lower the mass into the water.  Be sure to allow the mass to hang in the water without touching the container sides.  Note the effect.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200Yes
Export Instructions (if different)
Category2 Fluid Mechanics
Subcategory2B - Statics of Fluids
KeywordsWater, spring scale, magnesium, displacement, Archimedes
Construction Information
archimedes' principle assembly (20N spring scale, double pulley, string, bench clamp & rod, rod clamps & hook, 3-fingered clamp)
beaker 1000 mL tall glass
yellow magnesium mass
scale - analytical pan
water - from the tap