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2A15.10 - Soap Films, Ring and Thread

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​2A15.10 - Soap Films, Ring and Thread

Title2A15.10 - Soap Films, Ring and Thread

Demonstrate the tension in a soap film.​

Assembly Instructions

Use filtered water.  Mix water to soap ratio of 4:1.​

Setup Time10
Operation Time
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

Helix and Spiral: Immerse Helix or spiral in a soap solution, take it out gently without breaking a soap film.

Mobius: Immerse the mobius wire frame in a soap solution and take it out, and then pop soap film from a center.
Ring with the thread loop: Immerse the ring with a thread loop in it and form a film with the loop caught in it. Then, if the film is broken inside the thread, the thread is quickly pulled out into a circle (as shown in the diagram).
Ring with wire arm: Immerse the ring with a wire arm in a soap solution. If soap film is not broken from any sector the arm will be caught in the film. If soap film is popped from one of a sector the surface tension in a soap film try to pull the arm (as shown in the diagram).

Demo on DimeYes
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)
Category2 Fluid Mechanics
Subcategory2A - Surface Tension
Keywordssurface tension, soap bubbles, Helix, Spiral, Mobius, Ring with the thread loop in middle, Ring with wire arm, soap film
Construction Information
wire frame - helix
wire frame - mobius
wire frame - ring with thread loop in middle
wire frame - spiral
soap solution
camera - b&w