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1Q50.20 - Gyroscopes - Bicycle Wheel

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​1Q50.20 - Gyroscopes - Bicycle Wheel

Title1Q50.20 - Gyroscope - Bicycle Wheel

The simplest and most clear example of a gyroscope is the bicycle wheel with handles.

Assembly Instructions

Get the rotating bike wheel and place it on its stand. Clamp the spinning base to the table top. Be sure that the tire is inflated to about 50 psi.

Setup Time5
Operation Time
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

Remove or secure all loose articles of clothing to avoid getting them caught in the wheel. Also keep the rope on the handle clear of the spinning wheel.  Start the large bicycle wheel spinning. There is an internal clutch in the bike wheel, so place the wheel on the spinning base and roll the knurled handle back and forth between your palms. Once spinning, it may be held by one handle or with a length of cord to show precession. It may also be suspended from a spring balance to show the force on the point of support.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200Yes
Export Instructions (if different)
The export bike wheel has no internal clutch, so you'll have to spin it up manually.
Category1 Mechanics
Subcategory1Q - Rotational Dynamics
Keywordsangular momentum, angular rotation, rotation, momentum, gyro
Construction Information
gyro bicycle wheel
gyro bicycle wheel base
squeezee clamp