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1N21.15 - Momentum Conservation

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​1N21.15 - Momentum Conservation

Title1N21.15 - Momentum Conservation

​To demonstrate the idea of conservation of momentum and the transfer of momentum from one object to another.

Assembly Instructions

Set up the ball launcher assembly on the tabletop.  Place a raquet ball in the soup can lid on one side of the launcher.  Provide a bowling ball to be dropped onto the other side of the launcher and a bathroom scale to measure the mass of the two balls.​

Setup Time5
Operation Time7
Preview Time7
Operation Instructions

First, find the mass of each of the balls used.  With the ​ball launcher in place and the racquet ball sitting in the soup can lid, hold the bowling ball about 1 foot above the launcher.  When you let go of the bowling ball, it will strike the launcher and send the racquet ball flying high into the air.  Conservation of momentum will tell you that since the racquet ball is much less massive than the bowling ball, the velocity of the racquet ball will be much greater than that of the bowling ball.

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Category1 Mechanics
Subcategory1N - Linear Momentum and Collisions
Keywordsconservation of momentum, momentum transfer, ball launcher
Construction Information
bowling ball launcher assembly
raquet ball
bowling ball
rolling object base