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1M20.u1 - Block and Tackle

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​1M20.u1 - Block and Tackle

Title1M20.u1 - Block and Tackle

Demonstrate complicated pulley systems.

Assembly Instructions

Large Block and Tackle (For LECTURE HALL USE ONLY):

Make sure the leaver to engage the wheel is pushed down before attempting to move the demonstration.  Carefully manuver the setup into location in the classroom so the instructor is pulling on the pull behind the setup, not obstructing the view of the students.  Be sure to disengage the wheel so the system does not move during operation.  Then, pull on rope to show how the pulley system works.

Small Wooden Version (For UPSTAIRS or Export):

Equipment: Bench Rod, Bench Clamp, Rod Clamp, Rod, Hook, Wooden Block and Tackle, and Masses.

A single bech rod and clamp are mounted and a rod is attached horizontally with a rod clamp. A hook slides over the horizontal rod which is where the wooden block and tackle is hung from. Attach the mass to the bottom of the block and tackle and pull on the free rope to demonstrate the mechanical advantages of a pulley system.

Chain Version (By special request):
Equipment: Three bench rods, two bench clamps, two rod clamps, and Chain Block and Tackle.

Set two bench rod and clamps up vertically and attach the third bench rod horizontally to the tops of the other two bench rods using the rod clampls. The Chain Block and Tackle hangs from the middle of the horizontal bench rod, with its chains hanging to the left and right. A mass can be hung from the lower hook. Pull on one chain or both to show the mechanical advantage of a mechanical pulley system.

Setup Time10
Operation Time
Preview Time3
Operation Instructions

Large Block and Tackle (Lecture Hall use ONLY):
This large block and tackle system can be used to demonstrate the mechanical advantage of a pulley system. With the Block and Tackle in place, pull on the wooden handle attached to the rope. The electric elevator motor (~450 lbs) can be lifted with the same ease as if it weighed ~50 lbs.  

SmallWoodent Version (Upstairs and Export):

Make sure your cart is locked down, so it does not move while you pull the rope of the Block and Tackle.  Demonstrate the ability to more easily lift a heavy mass with the pulleys than without.  

Chain Version (By special request ONLY):

can be set up in more complicated ways to show various pulley systems. the chain version operates in a similar way. Pull on a single, or both chains to lift a mass much easier than it were done by a single rope without any pully system.

 There is also a large cutaway block mechanism that makes use of heavy gears (a commercial mechanism designed for use with power). This mechanism also may be shown to illustrate systems of gears.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200Yes
Export Instructions (if different)
Category1 Mechanics
Subcategory1M - Work and Energy
Keywordswork and energy, simple machines
Construction Information
block and tackle assmebly
export block and tackle assembly
export - bench clamp, bench rod, rod clamp, long rod
mass - large