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1J40.81 - Structural Stability of Triangles

​1J40.81 - Structural Stability of Triangles

Title1J40.81 - Structural Stability of Triangles

​Demonstrate the strength of triangular structures

Assembly Instructions

​Obtain the collapsing triangular apparatus, its two ropes, and wooden post attachment.

Setup Time0
Operation Time0
Preview Time0
Operation Instructions

​Show the students that an unsupported structure is easily collapsable by forces applied diagonally from opposite corners.

Attach 1 rope to opposite corners and show the students the rigidty in one of the directions and lack of rigidity in the other, ropeless direction.

Attach both ropes to opposite corners and show that the structure is now uncollapsable.

Remove ropes and attach wooden post attachment to opposite corners. Show it has equal rigidity to both ropes because compressive forces and be providided by the wooden piece.

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Category1 Mechanics
Subcategory1J - Statics of Rigid Bodies
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Collapsing Triangle Apparatus
Ropes - 1 ft
Wooden Post Attachment