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1J40.50 - Roverbal Balance

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​1J40.50 - Roverbal Balance

Title1J40.50 - Roverbal Balance

​Demonstrate a Roverbal Balance

Assembly Instructions

​Obtain the Roverbal Balance. The base and stand are together but seperate. Stick the stand into the woodbase.

Setup Time0
Operation Time0
Preview Time0
Operation Instructions

​Unfold the platforms and place equal masses on the platforms. To show how a roverbal balance only measures imbalances, remove one mass from one of the platforms or add an extra mass to one of the platforms.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
Export Instructions (if different)

​ A roverbal balance measures equal wieghts only. Any imbalance results in immediate displacement of the platforms. Many street goods, like spices for example, are weighed out this way by balancing a known weight on a roverbal balance.

Category1 Mechanics
Subcategory1J - Statics of Rigid Bodies
KeywordsBalance, Scale, Mass, Roverbal
Construction Information
Roverbal Balance