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1F30.u1 - Frictionless Puck

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​1F30.u1 - Frictionless Puck

Title1F30.u1 - Frictionless Puck

Demonstrate Newton's first law.

Assembly Instructions

Obtain the frictionless airpuck from storage cabinet. Check the batteries in the air-puck to make sure they work by turning it on. Push airpuck around on a flat unperforated surface to make sure it floats unimpeded.

Setup Time5
Operation Time5
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

With just a little push or kick and the puck will go across the lecture hall bench or floor on a cushion of air. The pucks measure approximately 7.5 inches in diameter.  **Make sure puck does not fall off bench and onto floor**

**BY SPECIAL REQUEST** 2 pucks are available to show elastic collisions.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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Category1 Mechanics
Subcategory1F - Newton's First Law
Keywordspower puck, kick dis puck, hover puck, hovercraft, hover craft, air hockey puck, air puck
Construction Information
frictionless puck