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1D60.20 - Slug Gun

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​1D60.20 - Slug Gun

Title1D60.20 - Slug Gun

Demonstrate that horizontal motion is independent of vertical motion.

Assembly Instructions

Place billiard balls in holders and level for instructor.  Clamp Slug Gun in its dedicated double bench clamp.  Sounding boards should be separated by 1.8m (center to center).  The storage box should be proped on the far side of the sounding board to help catch the billiard ball that is shot out horizontally.  Level the slug gun.

Setup Time10
Operation Time2
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

Pull back the spring of the slug gun.  Load the cue ball on the post that sticks out after the spring is cocked.  Place the ​other billiard ball on the side with the cup.  Level the slug gun after the balls are placed on the device as it can shift during the loading process.  When ready, lift up the string to release the balls at the same time.

Run the experiment twice. The first run is to show how the device works. For the second run, tell the class to close their eyes and listen carefully to hear that the balls hit the ground at the same time. Afterwards, the gun may be rotated away from level for the sake of comparison.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200Yes
Export Instructions (if different)
It is just not that light of a setup and you must have a table

The slug gun is a device to fire a billiard ball exactly horizontally while dropping another ball vertically.

Category1 Mechanics
Subcategory1D - Motion in Two Dimensions
Keywordsprojectile motion, double ball drop, simultaneous fall
Construction Information
slug gun with launcher bar
slug gun clamp
billiard ball special (cue ball with hole)
billiard ball
wood plate
storage box - slug gun