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1D52.u2 - Air Centrifuge Gyroscope

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​1D52.u2 - Air Centrifuge Gyroscope

Title1D52.u2 - Air Centrifuge Gyroscope

Demonstrate high speed circular motion and gyroscope effect.

Assembly Instructions

The air centrifuge consists of a small balanced rotor which sits in a special base supported by a cushion of air. The cushion of air is produced by a number of holes in the base. The holes in the base are offset at a slight angle so that they provide a circular driving force for the rotor. This driving force is further enhanced by small cuts in the bearing surface of the rotor. It is estimated that at full speed the best rotor (aluminum with 60 slits in the base) turns at speeds in excess of 10,000 Hz. This estimate is based on the observation that the audio note due to the vanes soon goes beyond the audio range while another low note appears and rises to a pitch of 10,000 Hz or more. It is conjectured that this note is due to the single hole in the side of the rotor and thus that the note corresponds directly to the rotary speed.

Setup Time10
Operation Time
Preview Time4
Operation Instructions

​Carefully place rotor on air bearing base.  Slowly open the compressed air valve.  As the air flows, the rotor will begin to spin.  The more air flow, the faster it rotates, the higher the audio note produced by the sound exiting the system.

Some caution is in order as the rotor posesses a large amount of rotational energy, but it can be bounced out of the base and will run around the table and/or floor like a top.

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PIRA 200No
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Category1 Mechanics
Subcategory1D - Motion in Two Dimensions
Keywordscentripetal forces
Construction Information
air centrifuge
air centrifuge base
compressed air