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1D50.67 - Fluid in Rotating U Tube

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​1D50.67 - Fluid in Rotating U Tube

Title1D50.67 - Fluid in rotating U tube

Demonstrate forces that are velocity/radially dependent

Assembly Instructions

Carefully push and twist the clear PVC vertical tubes into the bottom of the U tube assembly so that they are water tight. Align the central U arm over the center of the turntable and insert the two screws and tighten the nuts to secure the arm assembly (holding the U tube) to the turntable. Mix dye into 400 mL of water until it is quite dark. Carefully pour dye water into the U tube. Connect the power supply and the frequency meter to the turntable.  Assure that both ends of the swinging arm have good clearance from the power supply and all other external objects.

Setup Time
Operation Time1
Preview Time5
Operation Instructions

One can either quickly or slowly accelerate the U tube into rotation. Make sure that you do not exceed the speed that will expell the dyed water from the end of the outer tube. Note that the inner central vertical tube water height drops and that the outer one rises. Given the frequency in Hz of the turntable and the rise/drop of the vertical water collumns one can calculate the forces involved.

Demo on DimeNo
PIRA 200No
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Category1 Mechanics
Subcategory1D - Motion in Two Dimensions
Keywordsrotation, fluid, centrifugal
Construction Information
u-tube assembly
turntable - VDC on aluminum base
power supply - 12VDC (demolab made)
banana cable
multimeter - frequency
dye - blue
water - from the tap